Microsoft CRM Tailored for Distribution Businesses Shown at CRMUG Summit

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The team from Beringer Associates was in St. Louis for the annual Dynamics CRM User Group event (#CRMUG Summit). Based on their industry experience they have built a plug in solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM tailored just for distribution businesses. Lisa Beringer tells us a few highlights in this short video interview from the event:



“I'm Lisa Beringer with Beringer Associates. We're here at CRMUG Summit 2014.  CRM for distribution's a solution pack that's certified for Dynamics CRM 2013 Online and On-premise, plugs into your CRM and is a product that's developed specifically for wholesale distributors, CPG companies and discrete manufactures that have a heavy supply chain component for their business.

So check us out at if you'd like to get more information or email me.

CRM for distribution has a lot of capabilities. Basically it takes Dynamics CRM and capabilities that are already there and really blows them out specifically for the distributor.  So sales call and expense tracking is something that there's unique capabilities and needs that we serve there.  We handle customer profitability analysis, cost to serve.  We actively develop a true cost to serve so you get not only your gross profit but your net profit and the cost to serve based on your net profit.

We handle vendor relationship management. There is a ton of sales history analysis capabilities, the ability for your outside sales prep to take a real deep look at their CRM data, their quotes that their customers are quoting but not ordering, items that other customers that are similar to their clients are ordering but that their existing customers aren’t purchasing.

We handle pipeline forecasting, provision follow up, targeted marketing. It's fully mobile, tons of dashboard capabilities. It really helps synergize inside and outside sales.

If you are a distribution company looking for industry specific functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM get more information at:

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