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All business decisions need to be based on real-time data to be valid and legitimate. But how can you make important decisions unless the information the data is trying to tell you is presented in a way that sales, marketing and service teams can easily understand? With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboards, your business decision makers can have a way to uncover and visualize your most important information.

Much like the dashboard on your car, CRM Dashboards collects all of the vital, real-time information you need for making daily decisions into one convenient place and in an easy to read format. Dashboards is interactive so you can “drill-down” to uncover even more information.

Because not every department is going to use this information in the same way, you have the option to choose from 14 dashboards types in the four categories of sales, marketing, customer server, and general dashboards.

It is easy to modify, change, or customize any dashboard to fit your unique needs. Add charts, tables, lists, and even hide certain dashboards from other roles in your company.

Other ways that dashboards can help your business grow include the option to connect to your social media sites, connect to other websites like SharePoint and industry news pages, and use an iframe to add to an app or other webpage.

To learn more about the many benefits of CRM Dashboards and how it can help your business make quicker, more informed decisions, check out this E-Book.

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