Dynamics CRM 2015 Let’s You “Drive” the Update Process

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With Dynamics CRM 2015, you (or at least your CRM admin) will be in the driver’s seat. Microsoft calls this a customer-driven update since you “drive” the timing of the update to be the most suitable for your organization. What does that mean exactly and more importantly, wow will you get your hands on the exciting new features that are being added as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 updates? They will be applied through an opt-in model, which is the most significant change from the past customer-driven updates. This means the updates will only be applied after the admin approves the schedule for the organization.

With the new process, updates for all CRM organizations are done in Office 365 and will be managed in one central portal, which is the CRM Online Administration Center. To manage updates, you can reach the admin center in multiple ways:

  • The first way is from Office 365. Sign in and click on the admin drop down menu and select CRM. This will take you to the CRM Online Administration Center.
  • The second way is to click on the link sent to you in email notifications at different intervals.
  • The third way is when an admin is already signed in, you will see an upcoming updates notification bar which will take you to CRM Online Administration Center.

Once you are in the Admin Center, simply click on updates tab to manage updates. The first thing you will notice is that update tabs allows you to manage updates for all of your CRM organizations from Update Center. You can see upcoming updates and current updates schedules for each of your organizations. You can also see if any updates are waiting for your approval.

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