CRM for Associations: Collaborate, Retain, Manage

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There are endless resources available that detail the reasons why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the right solution for so many membership-based organizations. Streamline this, automate that. But at some point it begins to sound redundant. While it is true that CRM does help organizations in those areas, most associations miss the mark on what CRM can truly provide: collaboration, retention and member management.

• Collaborate
Collaboration between team members couldn’t be easier than with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This mobile-ready solution allows team members to work together, from anywhere, at any time, with any device. Gain access to the people, information and content necessary to complete projects ranging from new member marketing campaigns to membership renewal reports.

• Retain
Keeping your members active and engaged can be even harder than acquiring them in the first place. With an integrated business solution, your financials are easily accessible by people outside of the accountants, and C-level executives. This helps you find donation information and marketing statistics together to better address your membership renewal efforts, and keep those members year after year.

• Manage
Both membership and event management are vital to member retention. CRM, as a stand-alone solution or together with an AMS system, offers you the flexibility to embrace the capabilities to fit your organization’s specific requirements and seamlessly integrate between your other business systems. Spend your time communicating with your members to better understand their needs and interests, and then execute accordingly.

Contact BroadPoint, the Mid-Atlantic’s only Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Certified Partner focused on serving associations and nonprofits, to learn more about our Engage AMS solution for better collaboration with your members.

by BroadPoint Technologies

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