Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs Salesforce Cost Comparison

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Get More Productivity and Save Thousands of Dollars with Dynamics CRM

If you’ve considered Dynamics CRM, now is the time to try it and buy it. And this handy comparison helps you see the benefits in just a few seconds. We’ve illustrated the true cost and functionality differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce and, I’ll give you a hint – the Dynamics CRM Sales Productivity Pack is the clear winner.

What can the Dynamics CRM Online Sales Productivity Pack help you do?

  • Win faster and more often by making every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive.
  • Unleash your potential and bring your marketing vision to life. Engage customers across channels, build pipelines, and demonstrate your marketing impact.
  • Move as fast as today’s social and mobile world does. Connect with customers and share knowledge on their terms.
  • Collaborate and connect by using the powerful combination of Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI to drive sales productivity.

Even if you have a small sales team, 3 – 5 people, you will save $8,100 - $13,500 a year by choosing Dynamics CRM, all due to this just-announced deal from Microsoft on their Sales Productivity Solution, which includes Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI.

This bundle is available for only $65/user for new customers or $45/user for existing Office 365 customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Productivity Pack vs Salesforce Cloud Enterprise

These prices expire in early June, 2015, so don't wait to get more information.

Get your free copy of 24 Wildly Creative Ideas Using CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers to help you envision how you will use Dynamics CRM’s Productivity Pack.

Author:  Tim Thompson, Crestwood Associates, your Illinois, Indiana Dynamics CRM Partner

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by Crestwood Associates

11 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs Salesforce Cost Comparison”

  1. Salesforce is absurd... 290$ vs 65$?

    They aren't apple... Some people are just suckers I guess.

    MS CRM is great I will testify. Our people love the change

  2. Chiming in from the non-profit world. Enterprise Edition with non-profit starter pack objects is free for the first 10 users and $30/user/month thereafter. The chart in this article is also wrong about the Sales Automation. Enterprise has it. Enterprise also has a sales process driven UI for whatever that means in Microsoft's literature. SFDC has flows that enable you to tweak the UI navigation anyway you want. As I suspect MS Dynamics does too. As for Outlook integration - who cares? Outlook, like other applications in the Microsoft fleet is losing market share too. In all the reading I've done comparing the two CRMs, it seems that Dynamics Outlook integration is the biggest selling point for itself.

    1. Hi Bill, thanks for the extra info. We do know that the chart is wrong and we have submitted corrections to it. I disagree that Microsoft Outlook is losing market share; I have yet to come across another email application that is as functional and reliable as it is and with the connectors to CRM and ERP systems, it just makes everything else that is out there pale in comparison. But there's enough business out there to support many products, and if the free version of SFDC is working for you, that's great. We just believe that MS CRM is a very strong option for a variety of reasons, outside of the price issue. The pricing bundle was just an added benefit.

  3. Your information is incorrect. APIs, workflows, automation, etc. are included in Enterprise Edition.

    NO extra cost. If you're going to compare be honest.

    1. Hi Tim, we are correcting the information. We had pulled this directly from documents produced by Microsoft. I apologize for the errors. I agree, any comparison should be accurate. We are updating the post to reflect that the APIs, workflows and sales automation are included for the total that we listed ($290/user/month). Thanks for helping us sort this out.

  4. Salescloud enterprise has Salesautomation
    Salescloud enterprise has API/SDK/Workflow.
    Salescloud enterprise has complex SLA configurations.

  5. I wonder how you say that saleforce salescloud don't have API/SDK/workflow , sales automation.. Even a Microsoft salesman can't say such wrong things...

    1. Hi Irfan,
      We are not saying that Salesforce doesn't have these features. We are saying that they are not included in the price model outlined above.
      Thank you,
      Crestwood Associates

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