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Microsoft recently announced a new offering called “Sales Productivity”.  It is a solution that combines Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional with Office 365 and Power BI. This powerful combination gives sales professionals the leading productivity tools that work seamlessly with business applications to enable them to do more and achieve more.  As a gold certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner in Toronto focused on sales & marketing automation, we are pleased to offer this solution to our customers here in Canada.  It is more than three pieces of technology.  It makes the job of selling easier by leveraging the investments most companies have already made in tools such as Outlook, SharePoint and mobile.  Using the built in features of the all-inclusive CRM license you can automate key sales & marketing activities.  We offer support and training through various managed services to help you boost your sales and marketing capabilities.  Sales Productivity helps you:

  1. Automate key sales tasks
  2. Measure performance through charts and dashboards
  3. Unify the sales experience for increased adoption
  4. Grow sales

The importance of combining powerful productivity tools with business applications is something that Microsoft has always understood, but now with increased focus and momentum. With the incredible acceleration of the CRM suite of online services and rapid innovation coming from Office, Windows, and Azure, Microsoft is fully embracing the opportunities to take advantage of their arsenal of technology assets.  This is core to Microsoft’s strategy and why any company looking to boost their sales and marketing productivity needs to explore the Microsoft CRM solution more than ever.  We are seeing more companies invest in the Microsoft CRM solution rather than sales force.

Read about the great results that Grant Thornton is experiencing as a customer of this new sales productivity offering from Microsoft.

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