Microsoft CEO Relying on Dynamics CRM to Lead Company on New Journey

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Microsoft has plenty of popular IT products on its hands that are used throughout the tech industry. In recent years, the company has diversified its portfolio from primarily an operating system and Office provider to a more cloud-based and customer-centric service provider. Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular figures to play an increasing role in the business’s future.

DestinationCRM recently reported new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the perfect man to lead Microsoft Dynamics CRM forward. Kirill Tatarinov, executive vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions, said Nadella has a deep understanding of the CRM industry and how it is impacting organizations worldwide.

Denis Pombriant, founder and managing principal at Beagle Research, agrees with Tatarinov’s assessment of the new Microsoft CEO. Nadella’s background in cloud computing, especially regarding CRM and the Dynamics suite, is valuable to pushing the company’s vision forward.

The news source explained Nadella is also expected to unify Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other enterprise applications, including supply chain management, human resources, accounting and financial solutions. Integration with other products is likely a given in the future as well, considering Microsoft has already done so with Skype and Yammer in its Dynamics lineup.

What makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM special?
With the backing of a company such as Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM figures to continue to push the industry forward like few other businesses can. By having multiple tools work together, users can achieve a unified experience across various channels, streamlining operations and boosting employee productivity.

Businesses relying on Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular can now support customer demands anywhere at any time. This is possible because sales representatives are able to use their laptops, tablets and smartphones to access the suite even if they are in the field. Now attending face-to-face client meetings is not challenging from a data accessibility standpoint. Instead, personnel can view the most updated information pertaining to yearly sales and show companies how their vendor’s services are more competitively priced compared to their current vendors.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with Nadella’s backing and Microsoft’s partnerships and funding, will continue to become a significant player in the customer-facing marketplace moving forward. Organizations still relying on outdated methods to track client data are doing themselves and their sales reps a disservice in the long run. The opportunity to transform the entire business is possible with Microsoft’s innovative suite.

Receive support long after implementation
Companies can plan ahead for a CRM implementation and experience results in a short period of time, but if they overlook the maintenance requirements for updating these extensive suites they may never maximize their investments in the software over the long run. Businesses require a consistant way to update these systems if they are to achieve efficiency throughout the product’s life cycle.

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