Marketing with CRM: Tips and Tricks from 9 Industry Experts

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Idea Conference

As marketers, we are always looking for great ideas to make our jobs easier. At the Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Idea Conference held this September, an elite group of CRM experts shared marketing case studies, best practices and success stories from their own organizations. If you did not have the opportunity to attend the live event, the recorded sessions are now available to watch for free at

  • John Gravely, CEO of ClickDimensions, presented an opening keynote where he shared his overall philosophy towards modern marketing as well as specific examples of how he and his colleagues are doing smart marketing to drive the company to higher levels.
  • Steve Pestillo, president and owner of P2 Automation, presented a case study where P2 Automation sent out marketing emails on behalf of their software provider client to the customers of each of the banks that use their solution.
  • ClickDimension's director of sales, Brad Burks, explained how his company uses nurture marketing to stay in front of prospects with automatic messages and actions that are triggered only when prospects respond, saving valuable sales resources.
  • Mark Purnell, principal Microsoft CRM consultant for Neudesic, described custom survey functionality that his organization deployed for Prince Resorts, including native ClickDimensions features as well as custom add-ons that were produced to support their requirements.
  • Rob Triggs, vice president of sales and marketing for CRM Dynamics, shared how his company uses Microsoft CRM and ClickDimensions to convert more leads from web and social into paying customers.
  • Matt Wittemann, Microsoft MVP and chief customer officer for ClickDimensions, explored how marketing automation can empower your customer service and delivery teams to contribute to bottom line revenue and growth.
  • Ryan Teeples, a marketing/CRM consultant at Foundation xRM, presented tips and tricks for embracing and using Dynamics CRM in a social and overall marketing context.
  • Merial's sales and marketing business partner, Courtney Carter, shared how this animal health company uses email marketing and marketing automation to communicate with its customers and their consumers.
  • Steven Foster, who provides CRM product marketing and management for Intergen, demonstrated how he manages events using CRM and ClickDimensions, including automating responses and communications using standard templates pulling data from related records.

Each recorded session is available at These are great resources for anyone who uses -- or wants to use -- CRM to manage their marketing efforts. Future Idea Conferences are being planned; you can sign-up to receive notifications on the Idea Conference website.

by ClickDimensions

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