Managed Solution Stacking Fails: When One Managed Solution Relies on Another

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This was quite a head-scratcher. I have created "Managed Solution A" and "Managed Solution B". Solution B required elements in Solution A, which is no big deal. When I first import the Managed version of A, and then the Unmanaged version of B, it worked fine. But when I try a Managed version of A followed by a Managed version of B, it fails. Here's the error message:


"The import of the solution B failed. The following components are missing in your system and are not included in the solution. Import the managed solutions that contains these components (Active) and then try importing this solution again."


What? Each of the elements listed (there are dozens) WERE included in the managed solution A. How frustrating.


I found a blog article about field security and (wrongly) know that couldn't be it. Then I started reading the SDK and found a tucked-away little paragraph explaining that the Security Roles present in Solution A must be included in Solution B. Weird, I thought. But sure enough, I added the custom Security Roles that were part of Solution A into Solution B, and suddenly all was well with the world again.


I'd love a better explanation as to why this works this way. I'd also love to know what "(Active)" in the error message means. What is an Active Managed Solution? Please post if you know. Hopefully if you run into this error this blog will help you out.


Written By Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Partner.

4 thoughts on “Managed Solution Stacking Fails: When One Managed Solution Relies on Another”

  1. I had the same issue with a new solution that contained a workflow.
    What I have noticed is that the publisher for solution A was different from the publisher for solution B.
    Just to test this scenario, I created solution C, containing the same workflow and exported it as managed. The import of solution C was successful.

  2. The Active solution is the main solution of the organization, the one all manual unmanaged customizations go into. It is obviously not managed, but since the solution being imported is, CRM considers the dependencies to have come from a managed solution.

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