Important Questions to Ask During a CRM Software Demo

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Buying a CRM software for your business can be expensive to buy and maintain. Don’t forget to ask the questions below during your software demo to make sure you are making a smart and informed decision on your purchase.


Are there any other costs besides the purchase price?

You probably already know what it costs to purchase the system but don’t forget to ask if there are other unknown costs such as training, support, enhancements, etc. What about new upcoming versions of the system? What will this improvement cost? What are your options? Make sure that you not only understand exactly what you are paying for upfront, but also anticipate what type of costs you might encounter in the future.


What kind of training and support is available?

You will inevitably need training and support after the system has been implemented. This can vary widely from one vendor to another so make sure to find out how much support you will have and what resources are available. As you use the system and become more familiar with it, you may run into certain features or functionalities you are unsure of. How much you want to spend on support is entirely up to you and what you think you will need. Make sure you understand what your options are and the pricing for each so that you can decide what the best fit is for you.


Will the system grow along with my future needs?

Your business will evolve and grow over time and so will your CRM needs. Make sure that you choose a system that can scale and grow with your business. This is very important for small businesses that are experiencing rapid growth. You wouldn’t want to go through development, testing, customizations, and training only to find out later on that you have outgrown your system and need to replace it. Ensuring that the CRM you purchase is flexible and scalable can save you a lot of time, money, and headache down the road.


What are my deployment options?

Microsoft offers three primary choices on how to deploy CRM: online, hosted, and on premise. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages and the one that fits best depends on your business needs. Make sure to ask about the differences of each during your software demo.


For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 pricing, options, advantages and considerations of each deployment model, check out our website.


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Written by Rena Cayari at Atum Corporation

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