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It's best practice for business analysts to assess the business processes of their customers and then to come up with a solution for Dynamics CRM. This is all well and simple for most CRM solutions, and most customers can visualize how the solution will look , even if the customer does not have enough experience with Dynamics CRM. One way to demonstrate the feasibility of such ideas or methods is by creating Proof of Concept in CRM.

Proof of Concept (POC) is an integral part and FREE service provided by Dynamics Objects ( to all customers and partners (resellers included) interested in our services.

Here are two short case studies in which we had to have POC to demo our solutions to the prospects (now customers). Both POCs where written as Silverlight applications. The first POC emulated the manual process where salespeople filter target markets from a massive spreadsheet with over 10,000 records of 6 entities and about 200 attributes. When “translated” to CRM solution the user interface had over 20 “survey questions” that represent the variety of attributes and entities we need to filter in a method that is impossible to achieve with CRM Advance Find function.

The second POC was to demo a user interface to create price quotations for a freight forwarding company using over 150 different Rate Cards, with different prices based on origin and destination countries and zones (within the country), variety of freight types and and the number (quantity range) of items to be delivered. The system automatically (via workflow) generates barcoded connotes for each parcel when the price quotation is accepted by the customer, and converted to an order.

How do we operate?
We meet online as many times as required to fully understand customers’ requirements and get a clear picture of the processes they wish to implement in Dynamics CRM.

Based on our online discovery process, our software engineers develop a Proof of Concept. The Proof of Concept is a demonstration of how the final solution looks and behaves.

A price quotation for the complete solution will be prepared based on the discovery process and Proof of Concept. It is a fixed rate price quotation so that you know how much the project costs before you commit to it. Up to this point the service is COMPLETELY FREE.

A Non-disclosure agreement is signed to ensure that no information during this process is made public and our Proof of Concept is not provided to our competitors.

If you wish to implement complex business processes in Dynamics CRM, submit this form and will contact you ASAP. Form URL:




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