Dynamics CRM 2015 Rollup Fields and Calculated Fields

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By Barkley Busby
Vice President & Co-Founder, 2B Solutions

In CRM 2015, there have been some significant investments in the way power users can build insights with the data stored in their CRM system without overwriting any code. To do this, two new features have been introduced:  Rollup Fields and Calculated Fields


Rollup Fields

Rollup fields are for calculations for across one to many relationships. You can think of these formulas as similar to using sum, min, max and count in Microsoft Excel. Here are some examples for how Rollup Fields can be used:

  • Total Revenue: provides the total revenue for all opportunities related to an account.
  • Total Open Cases: shows the sum of all cases that are open to a linked account.
  • Qualified Leads: shows the total number of qualified leads that originate from a specific campaign.

Calculated Fields

Calculated Fields formulas are made up of current entity fields along with fields that are related entities through a many to one relationship. They utilize basic math operators, date and string functions. Additionally, you can model complex conditions using and/or support. Here are a few examples of Calculated Fields:

  • Weighted Revenue: provides a single metric to help a sales representative prioritize an opportunity.
  • Lead Score: provides a score to help a sales team follow up and prioritize the open sales leads.
  • Invoice Due Date: adds a time period after the order was fulfilled.

Click HERE to watch a short video showing you how rollup fields and calculated fields can now be created and configured using a simple interface.

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