Your Brand Sux - Tips for Engaging Customers Through Social Media

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Ninety percent of consumers would recommend a brand after they interact with the brand's representatives on social media, according to a study by an Internet advertising bureau. Knowing that, just imagine the number of sales opportunities you miss when you fail to engage customers and potential customers via social media. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team has released an eBook filled with helpful tips and insights from social media visionaries on social intelligence and how to maximize the benefits from it.


The eBook, "Your Brand Sux: Turning Sentiment into Opportunity", gives basic and more advanced tips about engaging customers through social media. Tips like "ask a question" and "keep it brief" cite solid research that shine light on proven results, while more in-depth insights explain how you can set social goals and measure the results with effectual metrics.


With all the good that comes from social media, there is also an inherent risk. You are exposed more than ever to media frenzies and what the eBook called "social media meltdown". The book details how to mitigate those meltdowns and also how to minimize risks associated with such public and direct regular contact with customers.


Finally, the eBook closes with insights from the experts. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team questioned social media leaders from a wide spectrum of industries and asked them mission critical questions that many businesses need answers to if they are to effectively leverage social media for positive growth.


You can read those insights and the entire eBook – download now at: Your Brand Sux – Turning Sentiment Into Opportunity .


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