45 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Tools to Satisfy Every Wish List

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At the 2014 Microsoft Dynamics CRM user event in St. Louis, CRMUG Summit, Darryl Henderson enthusiastically told me about some of his favorite add-on products for Dynamics CRM developed by his company Management Technology Consulting (MTC).


According to Darryl, MTC is the most prolific provider of add-on solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics Pinpoint Marketplace with over 45 add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Darryl Henderson:

“We have 45 solutions that we came up with after filling gaps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners around the planet, repeatedly, until it made most sense to drive the cost down by productizing them. Now we have Dynamics CRM add-on products in a number of categories.


About 20 or so are very simple gap-fill things like Spell Check, Auto-Numbering, Email Signature, Email to Lead, Email to Case and many more.  These simple tools are very affordable, ranging from $99-$499 per CRM Organization, yet they make your life so much easier.


But we also make high end solutions. We own the in-place editing category with tools such as Super Grid, Revenue Forecast Manager and Sales Product Editor.  This is the flat customizable replacement for the popups of grids, to turn a view into an Excel spreadsheet.


There is also Calendaring.  We make five calendars in a customization service, so anything that you want to express that can be shown in a date variety, we make a calendaring variety.


We even make two professional services packages: Time and Billing and Consult Pro for practice management within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


In the Marketing category we make a product called Contact Fix and Add, which looks at the CRM database and updates all the email addresses, all the social addresses, the titles and the physical addresses and phone numbers across the entire CRM database.


So we have a very wide swath of products. We have a low cost, rapid response development service.  While we don’t sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM itself, over 400 partners around the globe use us for their customization services.


It’s a pretty easy story to tell, we are the number one Dynamics CRM add-on solution developer.”


So, if you are looking for ways to be more efficient using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, chances are that Daryl and his team have an add-on tool for you.


See a full list of MTC products at www.MTCCRM.com/products


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