3 Tips To Keep Your ERP Or CRM Implementation On The Right Track

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Replacing inadequate business software with a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution or customer relationship management (CRM) solution is not as easy as inserting a disk and clicking “run”.  A successful implementation takes time, commitment by different levels of management, and close attention to ensure key milestones are properly met.  Here are some tips for keeping your project on the right track.

  1. Choose your team wisely: Ideally, you’ve worked closely with a representation of your employees from different departments and levels of management to choose a business management solution that captures the data you need to support operations. Now you need your IT team and key project managers to work with the software provider during deployment. Your team should be able to provide access to your facility and equipment, as well as answer questions during the implementation process. IT will also need to provide access to historical data to populate the new system and perform tests to make sure it’s working properly. Communication and collaboration is crucial to keeping your project on track.
  2. Watch the calendar: Your software provider likely provided milestone events and dates which need to be completed in order to reach a reasonable ‘go live’ date. Appoint a project manager to make sure that your team is hitting these milestones. The earlier you can address delays or setbacks, the more likely you can reach your ‘go live’ date.
  3. Be flexible: Deploying a business management solution can take unexpected turns. Changes in business operations may necessitate changes in your business solutions. Though you want to maximize the return on your investment, you don’t want to push speedy deployment if it means cutting corners or ending up with a solution that doesn’t match your business goals. Be agile, flexible, and deploy the business solution that meets your needs today and that is flexible enough to change as your business needs change.

The right business management solution will change the way you run your business (for the better). Today’s ERP and CRM solutions can streamline operations to improve productivity, provide keen insight to stay ahead of competitors, and strengthen relationships with customers to drive growth.  Contact Columbus for guidance and support during your ERP or CRM implementation.

By Columbus, a Global Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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