10 Social Listening Experts Discuss WOW Service in a Social Intelligence Guide for Customer Service

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Anyone can say they offer 24/7 support and plenty of customer service representatives to take calls. From sales to troubleshooting, offering customer service is easy.  What is not so easy is actually anticipating what customers might need, reaching out to them through the best channels and at the right times. In the age of social media, that type of customer service requires social listening.  The Microsoft Dynamics team has released a new eBook that serves as a social intelligence guide.


"WOW Service" is a Social Intelligence Guide for Customer Service. It aims to help organizations better understand how to "listen to, personalize interactions with, and engage with their customers", and it accomplishes that goal by tapping into reservoirs of knowledge from experts on the subject of social listening. Some of those experts include:


  • Tricia Morris (@DessertContent), PR and Communications Manager at Parature
  • Stephane Samson (@stephanesamson), Group Brand Director, Lotus F1 Team
  • Jessica Smith (@JessicaNow), Senior Marketing DIrector, FlexJobs.com
  • Brian Carter (@briancarter), CEO, Lead Consultant, Keynote Speaker, The Carter Group
  • Clara Shih (clarashih), CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social, board member of Starbucks, author of The Facebook Era
  • Michael Brito (@britopian), Group Director, Content and Engagement, The W20 Group
  • Jason Miller (@JasonMillerCA), Senior Content Marketing and Social Media Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
  • Ryan Holmes (@invoker), CEO, HootSuite
  • John Andrews (@katadhin), President, The Katadhin Group
  • Brian Solis (@briansolis), Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group and author of What's the Future of Business (WTF)


These experts answer questions and provide insight into effective social strategies, engaging customers, social listening in sales, marketing and customer service, and much more.


This eBook also breaks down the steps to getting started with social listening and permeating the culture of social intelligence throughout an organization. Download the full eBook from the CRM Software Blog at: WOW Service: Social Intelligence Guide for Customer Service.


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