Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM To Get A Better View Inside & Outside Your Business

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Your sales team strives to develop close ties to your customers and works hard to nurture those relationships. You can support their efforts, improve productivity, and get a better view of your sales and marketing efforts by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

On the inside, a CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can connect your people and processes.  Time-saving automations can streamline the sales cycle from first contact through post-sales activities.  Built-in workflows can be used to make it easy for your people to enter and share data as well as improve consistency with both your data and customers.  You can use workflows to create proposals, automatically alert managers when their approval is needed, and later turn those proposals into contracts.  You can also create your own customized workflows to ensure that customers are receiving the proper attention at each step in the sales cycle.

Sales and customer service teams can also use CRM as they reach outside your business to your customers. Armed with all the data that they need, they can negotiate pricing, accept orders, as well as answer questions about prior orders or the status of current orders.  In order to stay competitive your team has to be able to respond quickly to customer needs, which means having instant access to customer- and product-specific data.

The best way to get a 360 degree view of your customers is to utilize the business intelligence and robust reporting features available within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can capture each interaction with prospects and customers, including online and social media communication, and turn this data into actionable insight.  Identify trends with customer behaviors, product popularity, and capture responses to marketing efforts.  Learning more about your prospects and customers can provide the insight you need to develop more successful marketing campaigns, improve productivity within marketing, sales, and customer service departments, and transform the whole customer experience.

Today’s CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can provide valuable insight about the inner workings of your sales, marketing, and customer service departments, as well as the prospects and customers you strive to attract. Contact Columbus for more information about getting a better view of the inside and outside of your business with CRM.

By Columbus, a Global Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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