Why is Relationship Management Increasingly Important for the Construction Industry?

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In previous articles I’ve talked a lot about the growing importance of CRM to the construction industry… and now I’ve got backup. The 2013 Construction Technology Report produced by JBKnowledge, which surveyed over 700 construction industry professionals, highlighted client relationship management as an area that is increasingly critical to project success but one that is typically not managed by a formal CRM system and has had haphazard uptake.  In fact only 21.2% of survey respondents were using some form of technology for relationship management.

Success in the construction industry up to this point has greatly hinged on a reputation for meeting project deadlines and quality control.   Cross that finish line with a quality product and the results will speak for themselves right?   Wrong. The trap many construction firms are still falling into is overlooking the importance of maintaining stakeholder relationships (both customers and suppliers/sub-contractors).

While it may be hard to hear, the fact is success in the construction industry is more and more about stakeholder interactions and service than anything else.

Why is CRM (client relationship management) or RMS (Relationship Management Software) more crucial than ever?

Because the world is getting smaller and rules are getting tougher. Clients can shop around, and pick and choose when it comes to hiring a contractor. They’ve got more information at their fingertips than ever before. So in this competitive era you cannot afford to fall behind the eight ball.   And as we mentioned in a previous blog, increasing legislation means you have to have your finger on the pulse all the time.

This news isn’t all bad; it just gives you a new plain to compete on.

Maximizing a positive customer experience has not always been the industry’s strong point…take advantage of that.   Stand out from the competition by excelling in this area and, with the right RMS system you can combine this crucial area with a project management system so you will be able to make a remarkable first impression, reduce your risk and keep a loyal following.   For information on our take on a combined Project Management / Relationship Management system please see www.ipmglobal.net.

by IPM Global

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