Buyers Involving Sales People Later in New Buying Cycle

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It’s true when they say “the only constant in life is change.” This applies to every aspect of business including when it comes to your sales cycle. Consumers today have virtually unlimited access to information right at their fingertips and this is affecting the way they purchase their products and services. More educated buyers have the ability to complete most of their buying cycle without ever speaking to a sales rep. In order to stay competitive in this new environment, it is important to adapt your sales practices. We have outlined four techniques to help you change the way you sell and give the upper hand back to your sales reps.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of social media – Don’t just be a small part in the conversation, start the conversation yourself! Being actively engaged online allows you to have better control over the conversation in order to make sure that consumers have a valid reason to trust you.
  2. Allow for consumer self-service environments – It is important to let buyers shop in the way that they want to. Leveraging self-service online environments lets buyers feel more in control without ever needing to speak to a sales rep. This ends up also saving you time and effort to reserve human interactions for more qualified customers.
  3. Deliver a consistent omni-channel experience – Buyers expect to be able to seamlessly jump between various channels of communication and still get the same experience at every touch-point.   It is important to remember to have everyone in your company constantly asking themselves “Is our company message being portrayed in the same voice and feel across all channels?”
  4. Have a CRM focused database management system – In order to harness all the benefits from the previous practices, you need to have a CRM-integrated database management system. CRM (customer relationship management) solutions provide a secure and proven landscape for your sales and marketing teams to manage your customer data.

There are many reasons to adapt your sales cycle. To get a better idea of exactly how and why it is important to begin implementing change, take some time to read about how to Make Your Sales Numbers:

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By Socius, a CRM provider in Ohio and Kansas

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