What Is Your Biggest CRM Challenge?

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And how can Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you overcome it? 

Every day we talk to organisations struggling to manage automation, make processes more swiftly and ensure clean data. This blog will address some of the usual CRM challenges we come across and will position how Microsoft CRM can help you overcome those challenges.  By looking at each CRM challenge in detail you can readily respond to them and move forward.


Rubbish in = Rubbish out

There are lots of challenges with data. Ensuring your teams are inputting and using data in a uniform way, minimizing duplication of data, keeping the data up to date… the list is endless! So how can Microsoft CRM help improve data quality and security?

Check your data

How long has a lead been a lead?

How long do you leave the lead “open” before you stop sending marketing collateral?

Perhaps you have prospects that haven’t been touched in years?

By running simple advanced finds in Microsoft CRM you will be able to find who hasn’t been communicated with in the last 30 days, 60 days, months or years…

Once you have this information there is no short cut to cleansing and validating the data. But getting it right will help your marketing efforts and remove this CRM challenge.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes great tools for data de-duplication.   Microsoft CRM 2013 includes default duplication rules for leads, contacts and accounts. For other record types new rules can be created. Another method is to run a bulk system job to detect duplicate records. CRM 2013 has a “detect duplicate wizard”. If necessary this can be ran daily and an email will be sent when the wizard has completed.


Bulk Deletion

Another CRM challenge for CRM users and those cleansing data, it can be a long drawn out process, managing one record at a time. Bulk deletion or deactivation is a great way to save time when dealing with a lot of records at once.


Who can see the data?

 Having a system that contains a 360 degree view of every record and transaction in your business has definite plus points! Everyone is joined up and can see the full picture, data search is minimized making your teams more efficient and empowered, however there will be times when data is sensitive or needs to be available for certain teams.

Microsoft CRM 2013 has business units and security roles. This helps to control the access to sensitive data or records. If more security is required consultants like Caltech IT Limited can write code to support more complex needs.

Social CRM

Would you love to have social media integrated into CRM? Imagine being able to find out what people are saying about your business, or perhaps be able to create a case from social media. Microsoft CRM 2013 does this using social care. There is a social care sample application available now from Microsoft.

Continuity of data

Also on the theme of data is the importance of data conformity. To help users across your organisation you could use dialogs to provide prompts and tips for user guidance.


CRM Implementation

We often come across implementation challenges. CRM is so easy to commence working with as you can literally subscribe and be up and running. And that’s great! However for some organisations that won’t be enough.

Implementing CRM is something that does need thought and communication across many teams. As CRM consultants we can help organisations to get CRM working for them in the best way for their needs. Caltech IT offers 3 project methods and we can break down projects into phases.

See our popular material for more information:

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Up and running

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There is no silver bullet to getting ahead with CRM. We can help the software to do what you need it to do.  As Silver CRM experts we know the product inside out and we have worked with so many organisations we know what will work for you.

User Adoption

Following on from a successful implementation is user adoption. It is the major obstacle to CRM success.

Microsoft CRM 2013 has a clean and fresh user interface and there has been a great deal of development to reduce mouse clicks. The page designs are streamlined and the interface has been optimised for information display and productivity.

Lead Scoring

Scoring leads is becoming increasingly popular and important for marketers. Did you know that 79% of B2B markets have not established lead scoring. 1

By lead scoring your can assess if a lead is ready to be passed to sales or if you need to continue to nurture it. Microsoft CRM can score leads to lots of criteria depending on how you work. Perhaps you use job titles or web and email activity?


For some, the biggest CRM challenge will be lack of knowledge about what Microsoft CRM can do or perhaps just not having a CRM system.

Have you got a CRM strategic challenge you need help with? Leave your comments on our blog we would love to hear from you!


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by Caltech CRM

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