Over 20 New Videos Showcasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring '14 Release

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By Barkley Busby
Vice President & Co-Founder, 2B Solutions

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is providing yet another way for customers and prospects to learn more about the Dynamics CRM Spring '14 Release.  You can read about what's new in Social Listening, Customer Service in an eBook or download the entire Release Preview Guide.  Or, you can watch one of 27 videos that will show you what is new!  Yes, Microsoft has put together a "one-stop shop" that compiles all the Spring '14 Release YouTube videos into one simple page.  Click HERE to learn more.

These videos cover everything from product updates and sales scenarios to license management and administration.  They are broken into sections:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM (8 videos), Microsoft Social Listening (16 videos) and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (3 videos).


2B Solutions has been working with Dynamics CRM for over 10 years - since CRM v1.2.  We've helped many clients get the most out of CRM - even extending CRM to track information such as teachers, inventory, portfolios and more!

If you are in the market for a new CRM solution or looking for ways to expand your existing CRM investment, we’d love to talk.  Contact us via our website or call 205-408-9991.  As experts in mobility solutions as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we understand your challenges and can suggest practical solutions. We will help you achieve your strategic objectives faster…and may even help you add a few more achievements to the list.

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  1. Awesome! Great post! This would be good information to present to our sales staff in the upcoming meeting we're having for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Thanks Barkley! You're on top of it!

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