Use a Better Solution to Connect Sales People to Customers

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Sales professionals often employ different methods to manage their own leads and customer data, such as hand-crafted spreadsheets or specialty software.  However, with these different methods in place, it becomes difficult for you to see the continuity between following leads and nurturing customer relationships which can lead to lost revenue and some unhappy customers.  Bring the team together with a solution that will increase consistency, productivity, and give you the insight you need to manage your sales team.

Sales representatives utilizing unique methods for handling customer information can be risky.  There is an increased likelihood for inconsistency with how customer accounts are managed and a chance for important follow-up communications to be delayed or forgotten altogether.  As a result, it can take longer to nurture leads and expedite close rates, as well as respond to customer demands.

Arm your sales team with an integrated customer management solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, and improve communication and insight throughout your sales process.  Each of your sales team members can enter and access prospect and customer data within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Use the built-in workflows to follow a consistent lead process and prevent prospects from getting forgotten.  Automatic notifications can be used to make sure that prospects receive timely follow-up care which can also shorten the sales cycle.

Your sales team can manage customer preferences, historical and current orders, and other details within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  When a customer calls the office to place an order or check on the status of an existing one, your sales team can answer questions on the spot.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers added mobility.  Sales representative don’t have to be tied to their desks in order to get to important customer data.  Your team can enter and access data from customer offices, at conferences, or while at lunch.  Customers will appreciate the prompt attention and responsiveness.

Time-saving automations within Microsoft Dynamics CRM can improve close rates and productivity as well as boost sales.  With a unified, integrated CRM solution, your team can work closer together to nurture leads, close sales, and improve the customer’s experience.  Contact Columbus for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to connect your sales team with the data that they need to improve sales.

By Columbus, a Global Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner