Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Support Costs: Enhanced, Direct, Premier

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online support offerings range from basic to premier and offer a wide range of tools to help you along the path from deployment to ROI. Use this graphic to see what is included in each level, and the additional monthly costs.


Basic support is included in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription and includes the following:

  • "Getting Started" self-service training catalog
  • Response time within the next business day
  • Local business hour support, unlimited break/fix support and online and phone submission of support requests

With each tier of support offered, the response time increases, with professional and premier support offering response times of less than 1 hour. The higher tiers also offer 24x7 support and many other features.

Microsoft offers a unified support experience that is flexible and gives users the tools necessary to answer technical issues promptly and also enhance their professional and technical knowledge. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize the customer's return on investment (ROI) and encourage renewal for the next subscription cycle. To accomplish this, Microsoft not only includes multiple methods of contacting support, from the service dashboard to web and phone submission, but also includes training materials through e-learning, and a number of self-help tools and community forums.

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