Compare the Cost of Dynamics 365 CRM vs SalesForce vs Oracle

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How important is cost when choosing a CRM software solution? Many businesses would likely say it is a chief concern. The more relevant question is: do you really know how much the various CRM software systems out there will cost you? When you compare the prices offered by three popular CRM vendors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SalesForce and Oracle, the results might be surprising.

Microsoft is very transparent when it comes to pricing of its Dynamics CRM solution. In keeping with that theme, it has published a CRM competitor price comparison that lets you compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM with either SalesForce or Oracle. After plugging in the numbers, you will see how choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online rather than can save you about 48%. Similarly, you can save 13% by choosing Dynamics CRM Online over Oracle CRM On Demand.

Microsoft's cost calculator relies on the prices published on their competitor's websites. Therefore, it might not even account for hidden costs or price variations not published publicly. It also does not reflect any promotions any of the companies might be running at any given time. It also features a helpful feature comparison so you can see exactly what you get for the price.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers get the benefit of many extra features that SalesForce and Oracle customers pay extra to receive.  The cost comparison takes into consideration the edition of CRM software being sold, the monthly cost per user and a variety of add-ons, such as mobile, offline access, multidimensional knowledge base, visual workflow and partner and community portal. These add-ons cost extra in Salesforce and Oracle but are included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.


You can use the price comparison calculator free at


Then get a free automated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote at This Quick Quote includes license, maintenance and estimated implementation fees from a Microsoft certified partner.


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