5 Ways a CRM Can Boost Revenue

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There is no doubt that a CRM system can help you transform the way your company does business. It is a powerful tool that can significantly increase the productivity of your sales team which can directly impact your bottom line.

Here are just some ways a CRM can make your company more money.

1. Understand Your Customers: One of the main reasons a CRM is so powerful is that it allows you to understand your customers. Today’s average customer expects a personalized service. When they interact with a representative of your company, they expect you to know their preferences, situation, and history with your company. A CRM system makes this possible by having a centralized place to view all information about each customer and their past interactions. It allows your support teams to deliver outstanding service each time creating happy customers and improving retention.

2. Set Up Automatic Alerts: Never miss an opportunity again. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can now set up automatic alerts for many activities. It can even notify you when a lead has not been contacted by a sales rep after a specified number of days. This helps you stay organized and ensures that no lead is forgotten and no opportunity falls through the cracks.

3. Meet Sales Standards by Going Mobile: Give your sales team the power to access information from their smartphones and tablets wherever they are. Mobile access to CRM will provide your sales reps with a competitive edge. They’ll have the tools to get quick access to information while in the field visiting clients helping them close deals faster than ever.

4. Increase Company-Wide Collaboration: With Yammer integrated into CRM, having conversations and sharing information will be faster and easier for your employees. By using a news feed similar to Facebook, your people can quickly share important documents and files, discuss project deadlines, share competitive information and collaborate more efficiently. Cut back on constant meetings and eliminate lengthy email chains.

5. Optimize Marketing ROI: Easily spot trends, determine ROI on each campaign, and view important analytics such as click-through rates and email open rates in order to adjust and improve campaigns. Successfully implement lead nurturing campaigns by automating the process of sending emails to Contacts, Leads, and Accounts over an extended period of time allowing you to build a relationship and transform prospects into sales ready opportunities.

These are only some of the ways that a CRM system can help you boost revenues. Through the use of workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can automate many repetitive processes cutting costs and increasing overall productivity.


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