Social is for Closers: 3 Free SlideShares on Social Intelligence

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Social media presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to freely market their companies and promote their services. Despite this open opportunity, many businesses still fail to capitalize on that social media gold mine. In many cases, it has nothing to do with desire. Many of them want to use social media and may have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, but they might be unsure how to use those tools to connect with customers, obtain valuable information from them and turn that knowledge into action.

The Microsoft Dynamics Cafe site is offering its advice on the subject with its eBook, "Social is for Closers."

In addition to the eBook, when you register at, you also gain access to insight from Dynamics CRM and ERP experts and 3 SlideShares that elucidate key points from the eBook. The three presentations are:

  • 3 Tips on Using Social to Drive Leads - Keeping your ear to the ground, so to speak, keeps you informed regarding what customers are saying about your brand and your competitors and also give you the opportunity to learn more about them in general.
  • 3 Tips to Build Lasting Social Relationships - It may be easy to make the initial connection to customers, but having them on a friends/follow/like list is not an actual relationship. The relationship needs to be nurtured through two-way communication.
  • 3 Tips on Nurturing Leads with Social Insights - You will bring in a lot of data when you start listening to social media. You need to effectively sift through it, preferably using your CRM software, to find the gems of data that can foster leads.

All three SlideShares are available for free when you register at , along with the free insightful eBook. With the right knowledge in hand, you can be on your way to closing more sales and retaining more customers through social media.

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