New eBook: Create or Customize Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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dashboardsIt’s 10 pm, do you know where your sales opportunities are? If you have dashboards set up in Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can make data easily accessible to everyone on your team so you know what’s happening with sales opportunities and service cases at this very minute. Then you can reach quickly and make important decisions. You can even create different dashboards for different roles. Forget the spreadsheets that are outdated the moment they are sent or printed – dashboards are where it’s at.

Use this new eBook, Create or customize dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to learn how to create or customize dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Topics covered:

  • Creating or modifying system dashboard
  • Modify a system dashboard
  • Open a system dashboard
  • Work with the dashboard layout
  • Remove a list or other component
  • Add a chart
  • Adjust the size of a list or other component
  • Publish your changes
  • View the updated dashboard
  • Set the default dashboard
  • Hide a dashboard from certain roles
  • Create a new system dashboard
  • Add a chart of list to a new dashboard
  • Change list or chart options
  • List options you can set from a dashboard
  • Chart options you can set from a dashboard
  • Plus more you can do with dashboards such as going social, adding a webpage or web item using an iframe and more.

Download the eBook, Create or customize dashboardsfor Microsoft Dynamics CRM. (designed for admin users).

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  1. How I can create a dashboard without using the dashboard layout template? e.g., make the column/square size however I need.

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