A List of 50 Awesome CRM Blogs

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Relating to customers is something every business needs to do, and many businesses rely on CRM software to help keep all of that customer relationship management data organized, analyzed and effectively utilized. Deciding to get CRM software is only the first step in what can be an elaborate process. After that step, you will have to decide which CRM software is right for your organization, what type of licensing and support you need, your method of deployment and finally a plan for implementation and training.


GetVoip.com has put together a list of "50 Great Blogs CRM Professionals Will Love" highlighting awesome blogs that can help you along the path of CRM implementation and beyond. Among those 50 on the list is CRM Software Blog, which is described as: "Microsoft Dynamics CRM insiders pitch in to contribute articles that review and assess products and the state of the industry."


The list is organized into 5 sections:


  • Extensive Analysis from Industry Leaders
  • How to Make Customer Relations Productive
  • Unique Voices in the Industry
  • Advice and General Insights About the Industry
  • For Companies Expecting to Scale


Our CRM Software Blog falls under the "Advice and General Insights About the Industry" category.


This list provides links to many blogs that may unlock valuable insights you can use even if you are an experienced CRM user with years of work under your belt. Best of all, most, if not all, of the information linked to on the list is freely available for anyone to read, download and share through social media.


View the list at: http://getvoip.com/blog/2014/06/23/great-crm-blogs


Are there other CRM blogs you recommend? Let us know.


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