Only 38 Percent of Marketers Can Effectively Target Prospects vs Customers

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According to Adweek a study by Razorfish, only 38 percent of marketers believe they have methods of effectively targeting prospects versus existing customers. My guess is that they have this information, or at least the ability to have this information, but don’t know how to sort or analyze it.


Today you can scoop up information on everything from napkins scribbled on in a coffee shop to massive Twitter feeds. The idea is that you can somehow plow through it all and glean knowledge from it that will lead your business on the path to salvation. While some of that might be true, it is better to have actionable insights from a smaller amount of data than large amounts of data that serve no reasonable purpose. The answer for many is CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management).


There is an old saying that goes: know your audience. You need to be able to distinguish one type from another in order to send targeted messages.


How does CRM software help with such a problem? The data in CRM software is based on real-time customer interactions, phone calls, store visits, sales, follow-ups, marketing campaigns and even social media trends. Rather than just a huge amalgam of information, you can have a nicely organized and actionable set of data for each customer that tells you more about what customers want and how you can reach them to give them what they need.


Analytics is a fancy term, but it means little if it cannot take you beyond old, stale data. It should not just tell you what you have done in the past. It should help you study trends, make predictions and help you decide where you need to go in the future. The right CRM software, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, will move you beyond the theoretical stage of customer relations and into the actionable stage of customer satisfaction.


Don’t be in the 62% of people who can’t effectively separate your marketing message – use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to gather, analyze, sort and target.


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