Social Listening, Marketing and Updates in Dynamics CRM Highlight Microsoft's Spring Wave

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In spring of 2014, Microsoft introduced updates to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and announced the availability of Microsoft Social Listening and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. This summer is a great time to look at what Microsoft now has available in 54 markets and 42 languages as it continues to innovate and bring customers remarkable business applications in the cloud and on-premise.


What's New with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013?


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring '14

◦     Marketing: Drag and drop visual Campaign Designer, lead life cycle management, updated marketing-friendly Homepage, scalable email marketing, Power BI for marketing, improvements to sales and Marketing Connector

◦     Sales: Improved productivity for tablet apps on Windows 8, iPad and Android; Insights, which leverages company and contact information from 30,000 sources to provide social profiles, contact data and winning connections for marketing, sales and account management.

◦     Customer Service: Introducing the Unified Service Desk, a revolutionary desktop that taps into mission critical business metrics like First Call Resolution, Average Handling Time and Customer Satisfaction, all accessible across a wide variety of environments and providing connections through any channel: voice, chat, email, etc.

▪     Enterprise Case Management - automated case creation and routing rules, SLA management, dynamic routing, support tracking, parent/child cases, social integration, tablet-based management, multi-channel care with Parature and more.

  • Microsoft Social Listening - Social media is always on. Twitter and Facebook never sleep, but now you can monitor these powerful business channels and keep track of brands, products, global campaigns and competitors. If you need to know the overall mood of customers on a particular topic, the Global sentiment analysis will tune you in to their global voice, regardless of language. You can also track over 28 languages and view competitors' influence and reach in comparison to your own.


You can harness the power of these new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 or on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring '14. With smarter marketing, better, more personalized customer care, more robust and fluid social media integration and a killer platform that ties all of your business solutions together, Microsoft Dynamics enables businesses to change lives on a global scale.


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