What’s New in Dynamics CRM Spring ’14: Marketing

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As you might have heard, last week Microsoft released a new version of Dynamics CRM. The updates included in this release center around adding additional Marketing, social listening and service capabilities to the popular customer relationship management platform.

If you’d like to take an in depth look at the new features included in Dynamics CRM Spring ’14, Microsoft published a release preview guide that goes over everything it has to offer. You can view it on our website, here.

For the purposes of this blog post however, I thought I’d give you an overview of the new capabilities designed to help marketers like me create amazing customer experiences.

Feature Number 1: Drag and Drop Visual Campaign Designer

This intuitive visual designer makes it easy to create multi-channel campaigns integrated across email Marketing and social channels so you can generate highly qualified leads.





Feature Number 2: Lead Lifecycle Management

Manage the process of lead acquisition, scoring, distribution, and segmentation across Marketing and sales. Multi-dimensional scoring gives you the capability to create precise scoring models across multiple elements. For example, engagement, demographics, behavioral data, etc.





Feature Number 3: Fully Customizable Homepage

Tailor your Dynamics CRM homepage to your unique role with an easy to use graphical editor – view Marketing data in Charts (pie, area, bubble) or in a traditional list view, or aggregate multiple data sources for an end to end view of campaign performance.




Feature Number 4: Improved Email Marketing

Personalize email content per sender, recipient, subject & content. Integration with third party applications lets you trigger messages to be sent to customers based on their behavior, so your email always reaches them at the right time. And, cross campaign rules help you prevent email fatigue.





Feature Number 5: Power BI for Marketing

Quite possibly the new Marketing feature in Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 that excites me most, Power BI for Marketing helps you see your customer data in a whole new light. Visualize contact demographics, online behavior, Marketing lists and much more using Excel based reporting tools that integrate key Marketing and Sales data. And, easily calculate the return on your Marketing investment (ROMI).




Feature Number 6: Improved Sales & Marketing Connector

Configure data mapping to bring in important information on the contact and lead to assist in better lead scoring.




Which one of these new features are you most excited to try? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A NC Microsoft Partner www.inteltech.com.

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