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When customers call you, they expect excellent customer service. But if they don’t get it and are disappointed, unless they tell you, how will you know? And how will you know if they are unhappy with your products and services? Again, unless they directly inform you, you may never know what they are saying about your company.

Customers may not tell you, instead they may vent their disappointment about your company on Twitter or Facebook so that all of their family and friends, and potentially the world could learn about how you fell short of their expectations.

However, what if you were able to know what they were posting about you before they called you, and you were able to do something about it?

Wouldn’t it be great if the customer service representative at your company knew what the customer calling in had posted on social media regarding your company’s products or services? And the customer service representative had the ability to resolve the issue?  If that seems impossible, take a look at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s upcoming releases.

The Spring ’14 Wave release of Dynamics CRM is something right out of the future and is planned to launch during the second quarter of this year.  It will include powerful tools to help companies identify and resolve customer issues more quickly and with greater accountability.  These tools will include Social Listening, Unified Communications, and timers.

The Social Listening component comes to Dynamics CRM by way of Microsoft’s acquisition of Netbreeze.  This has added the ability for businesses to know what influence a customer has in online forums, what they mentioned regarding your company, and how you might best resolve an issue they may have.  With Social Listening, you could have all of this information before the customer even called your 800 number.

Once they do call your 800 number, will your service representative have the information readily available? They will if you are using Dynamics CRM and the Unified Service Desk functionality made available by way of another Microsoft acquisition, Parature.  This functionality provides a single console in CRM for service agents.  Everything they need to be able to answer questions and provide support to customers is right there, including customer information, billing transactions, and even comments made in social media.

So, with Social Listening, you will know what customers are saying about you in social media. And with Unified Communications, detailed customer information is centralized and easily accessible by customer representatives so that they have all they need to take care of a customer issue. Now, how are you going to measure the customer service that is provided?

One benchmark is Time.  Issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible to increase customer satisfaction. This brings us to another new functionality – timers – which will also be launched during Microsoft’s Spring ’14 Wave. Timers will help ensure that service organizations have visibility into how long a case is taking to resolve.  Reporting on this information and making it visible to all agents will ensure that agents continue to provide superior service in a timely manner.  In addition to timers, other improvements being launched in Dynamics CRM include the ability to merge duplicate cases, add child cases, and review entitlements.

If you would like to learn more about implementing Dynamics CRM and about the upcoming features mentioned in this article, contact the experts at NexusTek at 303-773-6464, or complete this short online contact form.

by Nexus Tek

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