New Technologies Regarding Staff Training for Dynamics CRM

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New technologies have revolutionised the way people communicate with each other, acquire information, establish private and business relations as well as do business. The areas in which their advantages are more and more often used include staff training. Thanks to modern IT solutions, knowledge may be conveyed in an accessible and interactive way that is independent of the time and place of the recipient's location.


Traditional training methods based on the model of one person talking about an issue for long hours and a group of people listening to its lecture is sinking into oblivion. Similarly, nobody asks trainees to read thick handbooks or learn elaborate theories by heart. Why? According to various studies, such methods are not effective.

- In order to ensure the effectiveness of training, it is necessary to adjust the material presentation method not only as to its contents and intended goals, but also to the participants – says Bartosz Stachowiak, Project Manager at CRM SIM (online training Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - soon 2013). - It has long been known that better learning results may be achieved with the use of multimedia devices and applications that present the contents in an interesting way, making them easier to remember. Very important is also the participants' involvement to ensure their active participation in the course. That is why new technologies are becoming more and more popular.

Combining business with pleasure

One of the most effective training techniques is called gamification. It is based on the use of mechanisms of games and combines the elements of education and entertainment (edutainment). CRM SIM is an example of a business game based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM , i.e. customer management system. Its aim is, among other things, to train the players on the system as well as improve their analytical thinking skills and their ability to make accurate decisions.

- CRM SIM is a training tool that provides conditions very similar to the reality, therefore the participants may learn on virtual mistakes without bearing the consequences in their real work – explains Bartosz Stachowiak from CRM SIM. - The game enables the trainees to improve their soft and hard skills, such as customer acquisition and care as well as the use of the Microsoft system. The scenario has been designed in a way to enable an employee to deal with various problems and to achieve success in various ways. The competition between participants, based on the possibility to compare one's results with those of others and present one's achievements, is an important element stimulating employees' involvement and willingness to learn. Very convenient is also the possibility to select an option adjusted to one's needs: business, corporate, partner or individual.monitor_aboutWin your skills

The advantages of educational games such as CRM SIM include the use of the idea of e-learning, which allows the employers to use the application at any location or time – in order to participate in a course, one only needs a computer with Internet access. Moreover, there is also a possibility to adjust the level of tasks to a given player, whereas regular feedback provides information on one's progress.

- Playing the game, the employees do not treat the necessity of expanding their professional skills and additional education as an onerous duty, but they do it with pleasure. Moreover, apart from the professional knowledge, it provides them with great fun and entertainment – explains Bartosz Stachowiak from CRM SIM. - Employers are often aware of the fact that CRM is a system that is used by numerous companies and the ability to operate it is no longer an advantage in a CV, but a requirement. That is why they are determined to acquire such skills, especially if the knowledge is conveyed in an attractive form.

Nowadays, the use of modern technologies in broadly defined education, especially professional training, is more and more common. This is reflected by the fact that the number of programs and applications based on the achievement of the IT industry as well as the interest in them is rapidly growing. According to the analyses of labour and education market specialists, their use at schools as well as training courses and workshops will be a common standard.

- Being aware of the fact that multimedia applications, such as business games, will be an inherent element of staff training in the future, one should think of implementing them today, in order to prepare the company for this new trend – sums up Bartosz Stachowiak from CRM SIM.

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