Microsoft CRM Puts the SMAC Down: Social, Mobile, Analytical & Cloud Trends

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As companies look for different ways to grow their businesses and offer their services. They should realize that cold calling and even calling to "check in"  is not cutting it anymore and customers are getting  tired of it. Same goes for the high pressure sales call, which puts people off and rarely works  anymore. It is clear that organizations need to innovate themselves to attract, retain and increase their opportunities to do business. We have found, as has Microsoft that  the 4 following CRM trends are taking off.

  • Social CRM

For some industries this will be of less importance, but social networking sites offer valuable sources of data for many that want to tap into what excites and drives their customers. In recent years Social CRM has shown value in analyzing the unstructured data on these sites and offering insights that typically are not discovered in the more traditional ways. It is worth including Social CRM in your overall marketing campaigns and considering how the ability to connect with customers for product innovation and improvement can provide a long-term competitive advantage.

  • Mobile CRM

Both Bill Gates and Satya Nadella continue to mention Devices in the same sentence as Cloud, and with the mobile workforce ever expanding we will see a major step into utilizing CRM on Mobile devices in 2014. Organizations will have to adjust their IT environment and support their mobile apps, providing hungry sales and services team members with access to their sales and customer management tools. This is an investment that will have a quick ROI due to higher customer satisfaction, cost reduction and sales increases.

  • Analytical CRM

In order to benefit from the growing amounts of available data out there, companies need the right user-friendly tools to access it. Combining CRM with Business Intelligence tools makes it possible to drill much deeper into the available data within CRM to review buying trends and histories and use this data to fine tune their marketing campaigns to unlock opportunities that were not visible before.

  • Cloud Computing (CRM)

We mention the cloud with mobility but Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more accessible with the ability for businesses to house their data in cloud. Office 365 and Dynamics CRM 2013 also offer more secure data with privacy and consistent upgrades. Let AKA Enterprise Solutions know if you have question or would like more information on the future of CRM.

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