6 Sales-Driving Enhancements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 Wave

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There are several updates in the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM release. But if you’re in sales and marketing, like myself, I bet you are most interested in the sales-driving enhancements. More than simply “new” features of the release, I’m here to bring you the top 6 sales-driving enhancements to improve your sales pipeline.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 Wave has a number of new capabilities that drive better sales results. Ultimately, that’s every company’s goal. So let’s take a high-level look at what’s been added to Dynamics CRM to make that happen.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enhancements


1. Drag and Drop Visual Campaign Designer:

Having a vision makes strategizing easier; lead generation is no exception. This intuitive visual designer allows you to create multi-step, multi-channel campaigns by dragging and dropping your campaign components and tasks into visual list. Campaigns can be fully automated based on behavior or a schedule.


2. Social Listening:

This powerful new feature is at the forefront of marketing technology. It allows you to monitor your social media channels for a real-world understanding of what your customers feel and say about your brand. Track your influencers, brand and products across the global web of social networks.


3. Lead Lifecycle Management:

Lead acquisition, scoring, distribution, and segmentation has never been easier. This enhancement paints a clearer picture of leads, allowing you to more accurately determine their value. Multi-dimensional scoring elements such as demographic, engagement, behavioral data and recency provide insight on which leads to pursue right now.


4. Improved Sales & Marketing Connector:

Users can easily configure the fields included in contact and lead records to assist in better lead scoring. This process is simplified with a User Interface for data mapping. As a result, the sales team receives higher quality leads, and reporting on lead pipeline is easily accessible.


5. Insights:

This feature puts company and contact information from 30,000 various sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so you can spend less time researching prospects and more time engaging with them. Consolidate real-time data from millions of companies around the world without having to research them yourself!


6. Scalable Email Marketing:

Improve your open rates by personalizing your emails based on sender, recipient, subject or content. Create automated email campaigns that send emails based on a schedule or certain behaviors.


Each of the features above have been created or enhanced for the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help drive sales. They provide you with more tools, more depth to what you can do within each function, and as always, they are designed with the users in mind. Everything in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is intended to facilitate user adoption and address the needs voiced by real-world users.

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