Top 5 Features of AbleBridge Data Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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One of the wish list items that comes up over and over again by Microsoft Dynamics CRM users is robust, editable grids. Out of the box CRM sub-grids are a bit clumsy, require far too many clicks, and don’t allow for inline editing.

This is where AbleBridge can fill a big hole. In fact, AbleBridge's Data Grid was just highlighted by Microsoft as one of the Top Ten Solutions from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace at Convergence 2014.

Data Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly configurable grid solution that allows customers to present information more efficiently on CRM forms.  And with increased information visibility comes increased CRM user productivity.


Top 5 Features of AbleBridge Data Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Highly Configurable. AbleBridge Data Grids work in CRM Online, On-Premises, or Partner Hosted deployments.  They can be used with any Entity in CRM and can be placed on a form, directly on the sitemap, or even in a dashboard. Data Grid supports parent/child grids, custom toolbar events, and multiple levels of filtering. Various Data Grids can be placed on several entities across a CRM organization to create efficiency and represent data in a more convenient way throughout the company.


Inline/Multi-Row Editing. Clicking into any row in the Data Grid allows you to easily edit the information without having to launch the CRM form.  You can even edit multiple records at once.  One of our customers, Microsoft, (who obviously uses Microsoft CRM internally;-) was looking for a way to quickly update forecasts without having to open multiple forms.  Microsoft's Windows Devices sales organization chose AbleBridge Data Grid because of its configurability and its inline editing capabilities. Being able to make multiple changes within a matter of seconds provides Microsoft with the efficiency and time savings the Windows Devices Sales team was looking for.


Inline Calculations. Think about how often you use simple inline calculation formulas in Microsoft Excel. Being able to configure simple calculations based on the information in each Data Grid row is very powerful.  One of our customers, Productions Plus is a talent management company that uses AbleBridge Data Grid to keep track of its job costs based on number of hours worked and hourly rate. The company wanted an editable grid to dynamically calculate the cost whenever either of those fields is updated.


Grouping & Summary Options. Being able to group information and summarize the results right on a CRM form provides quick information visibility into the information most important for your organization.  Data Grid can also change the grouping options dynamically so you can view information the way you want to see it.  Grouping and Summary capabilities is one of the most powerful features our customers have come to enjoy.  One of our customers, P2 Automation, was able to easily see how much money was being spent on each of its campaigns by grouping the Data Grid by campaign and enabling Summary Rows. This allowed them to see totals at a glance, providing a myriad of information without having to pore through various areas of CRM.


Export to Excel. Any information in the Data Grid can be exported to Microsoft Excel with a click of a button. It also allows you the option of maintaining the formatting provided by the Data Grid (i.e. Grouping / Summary options).  One of our customers, AltoDigital is a UK based IT company that uses AbleBridge Data Grid for a variety of areas within its business. But one of the highlights of AbleBridge Data Grid for them is to quickly send information from a Data Grid to Excel. They often use the Export to Excel feature so that information captured in a Data Grid can be shared with other departments in the company that do not use CRM.


If you have any questions about AbleBridge Data Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM or any other AbleBridge product or service, don't hesitate to contact us.

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  1. The AbleBridge Editable Grid (formerly Data Grid) does get enabled after the first save of the record. I believe you might be referring to the 'out of the box' subgrids that you can edit inline with CRM 2013.

  2. Why doesn't the Datagrid get enabled after the first save of the record. I need to do a refresh of the page in order to show the data in the data grid. Let me know if any work around

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