Security Role Specific Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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A common request of the 2011 version of CRM was the ability to create a dashboard for a group of users, but restrict access to that dashboard from the rest of the organization. An example would typically be an administrative dashboard, which would be very useful to have, but not ideal for standard users to be able to access. This was possible to do in 2011, but required building personal dashboards/views/charts etc., and then sharing each individual component of the dashboard with the specific users who would be viewing it. It is a somewhat confusing process to most users.

In steps CRM 2013. Very similar to the role based forms that were introduced in 2011, we now have the ability to control dashboard access in a very simple way via security roles.

  • In the system customizations, navigate to the dashboards area, and then select the dashboard that you wish to set customized access to. Once selected, click ‘Enable Security Roles’.


  • By default all of the current security roles available are selected. In the window that appears, select ‘Display only to these selected security roles’. Then click the check mark next to Name to un-select all of the security roles. This will make it easier to select the roles you want to limit access to.


  • Once you have the security roles you want selected, simply save and publish and you are good to go!

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