Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Listening for Oil and Gas

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Social media is transforming the business-to-customer relationship. With social media monitoring, oil and gas companies can respond to customers via social channels, develop a voice in the industry, and get a bigger picture of where customers and competitors are headed. To meet the needs of today’s businesses, Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Social Listening & Analysis.


Microsoft Social Listening Benefits for Oilfield Services:

Has your oil and gas company used an online site to translate an email from a foreign company?

Energy and oilfield services is a global industry. Consequently, businesses across the world support oil and gas exploration, production, transportation, and equipment.

Often enough, it is challenging to translate an email received from a foreign company. Therefore, translating foreign oil and gas businesses’ social media accounts has become even more difficult, because businesses often use slang and compact as much as possible into 140 characters. However, Microsoft’s latest version of CRM has a unique feature – its Social Listening tool.

Microsoft Social Listening monitors mentions of brands and products on social media, and then analyzes the message with natural language processing to determine the types of sentiments expressed. The sentiment analysis means a higher degree of accuracy. According to Kirill Tatarinov, President of Microsoft Business Solution, “It is revolutionary listening across a broad range of social channels. It supports five languages and no else is doing that.”


Everyone can listen.

Social media platforms aren’t necessarily limited to marketing users. With Microsoft Social Listening, salespeople and customer care representatives can monitor social media to see when competitors take advantage of opportunities, or to quickly identify issues in the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, oil and gas companies use Microsoft Social Listening to search active channels and languages, what sentiments are currently popular, and read what specific industry leaders are saying. For instance, salespeople can create keywords and phrases to listen for in Microsoft Social Listening. Keywords are exact, however not case sensitive. Users apply inclusions to narrow down search results even more. Inclusions may include a group of terms that must appear in the same sentence, paragraph, or post.

Available sources for search topics include:

  • Blogs: Full cover of blog posts on and posts from WordPress.
  • Twitter: Full coverage of public tweets on Twitter
  • Facebook: Public status updates without age or geographical restrictions from Facebook users, as well as posts and comments on Facebook pages.
  • YouTube: Video posts published on YouTube.


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