Make Marketing Count with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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In today’s organizations, sales productivity begins with the marketing team.

However, where do marketing teams begin?

The problem: Organizations are missing the tools necessary to implement a streamlined marketing campaign which amplifies lead generation.

The solution: Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM can dramatically improve your organization’s marketing campaigns. For instance, Dynamics CRM uses multichannel marketing automation and analytics to improve marketing execution, insight, results, and customer targeting and segmentation.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM strengthens marketing initiatives:

  1. Create lists more efficiently. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, create static or dynamic lists based on accounts, contacts, or leads. Likewise, Dynamics CRM allows marketers to identify potential customers based on criteria and, therefore, create direct marketing campaigns to the right target audience.


  1. Ensure no leads fall through the cracks. A common issue among marketers is the ability to manage and convert leads. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, marketers can easily track leads. Adequately tracking leads can pinpoint leads that are most likely to convert to sales, and, consequently, instantly direct their information to the appropriate individual in your organization. Likewise, closed-loop campaigns execution with Dynamics CRM converts email responses to leads or opportunities with a single a click. For instance, email campaigns can be optimized and a numeric score can be assigned to email opens, clicks, and downloads.


  1. Gain greater insight. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides performance reports to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and response rates. For instance, Dynamics CRM provides real-time dashboards and pre-built reporting, and supplies behavioral data and lead scoring to understand prospects and customers. Marketers can make the most out of heat maps and trends to guide future marketing initiatives and transform marketing to a growth center.

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By Sikich, Chicago and St. Louis Microsoft Dynamics Partner,

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  1. After considering all the aspects that you have presented on your publication, I find this article very interesting and valuable as I am looking forward to adopt a CRM software product from Interprise Suite for my business. This information surely will help me to get a good product. Many thanks for the post!!Regards.

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