Issues Deleting Products from an Opportunity

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In the vast majority of sales-related CRM implementations, the Opportunity entity is of great importance. I often say that it is where the sales people will live. A wonderful part of the opportunity is the ability to add products to the opportunity so the potential revenue can be generated simply and accurately.

On the security side of things, it is usually a great idea to not allow any users the ability to delete any record (including Opportunities). Rather let them deactivate it and keep the data. This way, a disgruntled employee can't delete all of your active accounts and opportunities.

Unfortunately, I learned that in the case of Opportunity Products, you cannot have both of the above scenarios. I'll describe below why this is the case.

It’s not unusual for a user to want to change the products on an opportunity, either because the customer has changed their mind or because they made a simple mistake. It’s easy to remove products once they are added by simply clicking on the trash can on the row next to the product as shown below.


However, recently I came across a situation where a certain subset of users were unable to delete the products once they were added to an opportunity. See the image below, no trashcan!






After changing a user’s security role, we found that the issue was clearly related to some difference in the roles.

Naturally I gravitated towards the Append and Append To sections, but those did not change the functionality. After some trial and error, I realized that the ability to delete a product from an opportunity is rolled into the ability to delete an Opportunity.


So while it’s a good practice to not allow any users the ability to delete opportunities, you need to allow them that right if you want them to be able to remove products from any opportunity.


Nick Scott is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant with BKD Technologies.

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