Dynamics CRM 2013 On Tablets: App or Browser

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So you are implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and you want to use it on a tablet, such as an iPad. Should you use the CRM for Tablets app, or use CRM in the browser? This is a question that I am frequently asked.

The answer does not have to be either/or. Frequently, the best answer is “both.”


CRM for Tablets gives users a very quick way to open the app with one tap and have access to the most commonly used functionality. It includes the ability to search multiple entities at once, and screens are designed with tablets in mind.

However, there is some functionality that will not work with the CRM for tablets app. Power user features like view filtering, merging, sending tracked e-mails are not included in the app, but these features can be used in browser on a tablet.

Consider this scenario.

Say I’m a sales rep that needs to access my accounts while on the road. Using the CRM for Tablets app, I quickly can pull up my customers, view my dashboard, pin my views,  create appointments, find contacts, record notes, and create or edit any custom entity record.

Occasionally I need to filter my views for deeper analysis. The filter feature is not in the tablet app, but when I view my active accounts view in the app, all I have to do is hit the view in browser button, and instantly I’m looking at the my active accounts view in browser, where I can filter and save the view, see more charts and dashboards, merge records, and use other functionality that is not part of the app.

When I filter the view in tablet browser, I can then save the view, and it can then be selected in the app or pinned to my dashboard.


So the Dynamics CRM mobile strategy provides a great balance of simple to use mobile app, while still seamlessly delivering power user features when needed.

So when you consider your mobile options for CRM, don’t count CRM for tablets out if it is missing an advanced feature that users need to use periodically. Users will appreciate the clean and easy user interface of the tablet app and the easy access to advanced functionality when needed.

by Customer Effective

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