CRM 2013 Navigation Contest - Win $5000

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There is something to be said about the decision to make Dynamics CRM 2013's top-bar navigation system universal to all screen sizes. Personally, I think the new navigation is a step in the wrong direction when compared to CRM 2011.

Since we have such a wonderful and rich CRM community of creative masterminds who know how to fix problems like this . . . and I'm so DESPERATE for a new navigation (one with more than six tile choices), I'm now offering $5,000 cash for a winning navigation design!

You've got until June 30, 2014. 

Click here to read the entire blog post that includes more information regarding the CRM 2013 Navigation Contest.

You can also email the Rockton Software team with any questions at

Written By Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software.

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