Creating Customer Facing Portals in Microsoft CRM

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In the past several years, client expectations have significantly changed. Recent studies have shown that 2/3rds of consumers expect to be able to use web self-service tools to find answers to their questions, and to create support requests – even at small businesses. More than ever, businesses need the ability to create self-service tools for their customers. In the past, this often meant expensive customizations and custom code – often unsupported. Now users of Microsoft CRM have an inexpensive, out of the box solution.

CRM Vertex is a customer self-service portal that works with Microsoft CRM. CRM Vertex extends the power of Microsoft CRM by allowing customers to interact directly with their account data in a secure portal. Not only does this provide the self-service functionality customers expect but it does so in an extremely efficient way that saves you time and money. Customers can submit support requests, search the knowledgebase, interact with other customers, reprint an invoice, or update their own information. CRM Vertex Portals for Microsoft CRM increases customer engagement, and allows businesses to better devote their internal resources.

To learn more, or to see a demo of CRM Vertex, please contact Intellitec Solutions at 866-504-4357

By Intellitec Solutions, a Microsoft CRM partner serving Delaware

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