Big Results on a Small Marketing Budget with Dynamics CRM

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Don’t have a lot of money for marketing? No problem. The key to success is optimizing the funds you do have by targeting the right potential customers. The easiest way to do that is through software, namely a Customer Relationship Management solution. We use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which allows us to identify the strongest leads for each promotion we’re featuring. It gives the ability to pinpoint the best target audience for a campaign; ensuring marketing dollars are spent wisely with the best possibility for a return on investment.


Another way that Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps optimize marketing campaigns is through lead ratings. You can identify prospective customers as cold, warm, or hot and then scale your promotions to each appropriately. Contacting a hot lead is more likely to produce a sale rather than a cold lead, making it easier for you to pinpoint who you should spend your marketing dollars on.


Database and contact management is the key to big results on a small marketing budget. Start taking a deeper look at your customers, track demographic information, and identify your loyal purchasers. Keep records of that information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. From there you can pull lists of the best prospects to reach your marketing and sales goals. Contact me for more information about CRM.

by DFC Consultants


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