WennSoft Evolution and Microsoft Dynamics CRM – The New Way to Work!

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Work doesn’t always start at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. Things don’t always wait until you’re in the office. WennSoft Evolution provides the team with access to data and information whenever it’s needed. Statistics are readily manageable via the web, from within the Microsoft Outlook client, or from a mobile device and can be accessed by numerous users. The result is improved effectiveness and efficiency plus the ability to be quite agile when it comes to making business happen.

Influential market front-runners recognize that caring for clients and keeping the customer at the center of the business are necessary for organizations that want to thrive. WennSoft Evolution was designed for asset-centric businesses in the heavy construction, manufacturing, distribution, specialty trades, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries. Built on the xRM framework of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, WennSoft Evolution assists with sales, installation, maintenance and service of equipment. It also expedites monitoring and scheduling, service agreements, and tasking and scheduling of engineers and technicians in the field.

Designed for the robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, WennSoft Evolution can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be run integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and a range of other solutions. It is available either through purchase of a license or through a subscription-based model.

WennSoft worked with Microsoft Dynamics for almost 20 years to cultivate this technology. The imperative in the design phase was that the WennSoft Evolution software solution should be constructed based on what is familiar to clients and prospects. Not all customers want to tie their sales, marketing, help desk, field service operations, and projects to their ERP. This solution delivers the innovation and tools that field service organizations need to have functionality tailored to users in their roles.

Relationships first
WennSoft Evolution provides you with the tools necessary to maintain and improve relationships with prospects, customers, constituents, vendors, and employees. The solution allows you to provide an incredible customer experience with transparency across departments. With relationships prioritized, you can better manage the resources needed to build and maintain your competitive advantage.

Diversity and progression
WennSoft Evolution is intended to develop with your business needs. You can address concerns and issues in one or multiple operative zones or in stages, or it can be implemented across your total company. It can run as a stand-alone application or be integrated with other packaged software or web services. The solution may be deployed, maintained, and licensed in a variety of ways – ensuring the flexibility you need for your individual requirements. Learn more at www.tmgroupinc.com/isv-solutions/wennsoft-evolution/.

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Authored by: Jennifer Swiderski, The TM Group

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