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Many businesses are familiar with using a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for managing marketing and sales activities, as well as other customer-centric activities.  You may not have heard that you can also use CRM for managing events, such as fundraisers for non-profits or conferences and training sessions for other for-profit industries.  Including the touch points from these types of events into your CRM solution can provide the insight you need to create and support stronger long-term relationships.

Businesses that offer training or certification programs, seminars or educational activities, fundraising events, or other meet-and-greet events do so for a reason.  They may use these opportunities to promote products or services, as well as interact with both prospects and customers to further boost sales.  While the events themselves may provide the desired results, the insight and opportunities shouldn’t end when the last guest goes home.

CRM users can track interactions from these events and lay the foundation for stronger relationships with customers and new opportunities with prospects.  You can add details about prospects into your CRM solution and start workflows for follow-up activities, such as sending out additional information about your products or services and making sure they get a phone call or a meeting to discuss potential opportunities.  You may learn more about your customers as well and discover new interests or needs that you can translate into additional support or sales.  The information that you collect from these events can also be used to fine-tune the materials that you hand out at the event, as well as provide added value to the events themselves.   Further analysis may help you identify trends with the products or services that you offer and lead you to expand or change your offerings.

The insight you can gain by including the details and interactions from your events into your CRM is nearly limitless.  The better you know your prospects and customers, the more you can tailor your events and business activities to attract their attention and lead to improved sales and customer service.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about using CRM to plan your next event and provide even more value-added services to strengthen relationships and drive business growth.

By Sherwood Systems, Arizona Microsoft CRM Partner

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