Grow Your Small Business with Microsoft Social Listening

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Previously, for small businesses, communicating face-to-face was critical, because it was the personal touch customers were looking for. However, in today’s world, B2B customers are more likely to use social media to influence their purchase decisions. Therefore, small businesses cannot rely only on traditional communication methods.

Social Listening Tools for Small Businesses
Microsoft Social Listening is an upgraded software that can improve small business without increasing business expenses. Social Listening is included with CRM Online Professional licenses and is built to integrate directly with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM software solution.

Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful service that monitors social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Small businesses can use it to track products, brands and competitors at real-time. For example, Microsoft Social Listening has sophisticated alerts to detect the trends and posts your business is curious about. Ultimately, it provides full coverage of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Fan pages, and over 70 million blogs.

Furthermore, Social Listening is easy to use. Social Listening’s user interface looks just like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  It provides interactive, visual analytics, tracks conversations, and tracks top influencers to see who is talking most about the topics that concern your business.

How do Small Businesses use Microsoft Social Listening information?
Using data received from Microsoft Social Listening, discover what information your prospects and customers are looking for. Compose blog posts and Tweets that fill their needs and share your posts with them.

Engage with customers and prospects over Twitter and LinkedIn as well. For instance, ask them questions over social media to begin a conversation or share their content to build interactions.

These tips will establish your foundation to becoming a social media leader, and help your business create and maintain relationships with customers and prospects in today’s tech-savvy world.

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By Sikich, Chicago and St. Louis Microsoft Dynamics Partner,

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