Dynamics CRM 2013 - Re-Inventing the Wheel

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At Core Solutions, we are always on the lookout for time-saving End-User tips, even if they aren’t very technical in nature. This decidedly low-tech navigation tip has saved clients (and us) lots of time and effort moving around Dynamics CRM 2013. With the introduction of the new Tiles menu options (a la Windows 8), CRM 2013 has fulfilled a commitment to occupying less space permanently with Navigation icons.

The challenge is that, when a large number of Tiles are available, left-right horizontal scrolling is required. The scroll arrows for this motion appear at the far left and far right on the screen and require a fair amount of cursor movement. Follow this link to view a brief video explaining how your good old mouse scroll-wheel quickly brings CRM options front and center. We think you'll find it will be 60 seconds well spent.

You can contact us at Core Solutions directly for other time-saving navigational techniques in Dynamics CRM 2013.

by Core Solutions

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