CRM ROI: The Benefits of Centralized Data

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By Glenn Kinstler, 2B Solutions, Inc

When making the decision to implement a new CRM solution, each business will have to decide “is it worth it,” and many will do a formal ROI analysis.  There are many tangible and measurable costs to include in the analysis:

  • Software License Fees
  • Training Costs
  • Migration Costs
  • Implementation Costs

But, there are also several intangible factors as well.

Here’s one intangible factor to consider: the benefits of centralized data.  For companies that don’t have a CRM solution, think about all the places where customer and pipeline data is stored.  Spreadsheets, shared drives (maybe even Google Docs), Outlook, accounting systems, customer support databases, email marketing system, and more spreadsheets.  So what’s the impact of these disparate, siloed systems?  It means people have to search for the data they need, and searching frequently wastes time and causes frustration.

So what happens when a sales rep doesn’t know about a recent support case with a client?  At worst, he or she gets ambushed.  At the very least, they look uninformed.  What happens when the marketing department wants to pull together a targeted offer, but they don’t have all the right people in the distribution list?  Key contacts are uninformed and a sales opportunity is missed.  And what happens when someone is asked to create a report but has to search in three different places for the data?  They waste a lot of time looking for, then merging, the data.

But what if everyone can find the information they need?  Are they more informed?  Are they more productive?  Do they save time and headaches?  Are they happier?  The answer is “Yes”, and every CEO knows there is value in having better-informed, more-productive, happier employees.

According to the 2013 Nucleus Research Benchmark Study, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers an average ROI of 243%“.   Give your team the tools the better access the information they need.  If you are in the market for a new CRM solution or interested in extending your existing CRM, we'd love to talk.  Contact us via our website or call 205-408-9991 or 866-408-9991.  As experts in mobility solutions as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we understand your challenges and can suggest practical solutions. We will help you achieve your strategic objectives faster…and may even help you add a few more achievements to the list.

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