Can You Provide Amazing Customer Experience Before You Have The Customer?

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What makes a company choose one Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner over another? In the case of Trek Bicycles, it was receiving “an amazing customer experience” even before they were a customer.

Trek already used Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but they needed a new partner to provide support. During the search, they called a couple of companies and ended up having one call in particular with a company called Power Objects.

According to David Peterson, Enterprise Collaboration Manager at Trek, he was having a particularly bad day.  “I was having a production issue (involving Dynamics CRM) and I didn't know how to fix it.”  Being new in the role, David had not had training and was “just kind of trying to figure it out.”  Like many companies he said there is kind of a cowboy mentality at Trek; you just figure it out!

While he was having this issue, he had scheduled a preliminary “let’s get to know you” call with Power Objects. It was a quick, ten-minute conversation but David mentioned the specific issue he was having.   The Power Objects salesperson said he would have his support guy call David back in the next half hour and that they were here to help. David recalls, “I thought, well that’s cool. But I didn't think they'd actually call.”

Within 15 minutes a Power Objects support a rep called and he and David stayed on the phone for an hour and a half. “He knew exactly how to fix it, knew exactly what was wrong in CRM. I could have fumbled with it for hours and probably eventually been able to figure it out. But he got on the phone, we did a desktop share, and he fixed it.”

And keep in mind that this was before Trek was a Power Objects customer.  You can bet they are a Power Objects customer now, after that one experience. That sealed the deal in a way that a dozen sales calls or PPT slides about certifications could never have done.

David told me, “The biggest criteria for any vendor I pick, be it for SharePoint, or CRM, or even in my personal life, is that the guy that I hire to fix something needs to be able to get me out of trouble faster than I got myself into it.  Power Objects is really good about getting me out of trouble.”

At Convergence 2014, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide amazing customer experiences was a core theme, and this story teaches us a valuable lesson along those lines. Providing amazing customer experiences, even to companies that are not yet your customers, can be what sets your business apart.

Are your employees empowered to “get it done” like Power Objects did?

Do you have the CRM systems in place to provide amazing customer experiences? Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help.

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